A Bit about Rob Burke and Rob Burke Cars

I Have been in the motor trade for over 32 years , ive been involved with motorsport in one form or another for the same length of time

as an apprentice the Garage i worked in prepared cars for rallying so i was involved straight away

and built my first rally car at 17 during serving my time as a mechanic

I have bought and sold cars most of my life and dealt in a lot of performance cars and many japanese imports including hypercars – but i also enjoy anything different or a little quirky or something that catches my eye, like what i have for sale , i just like something a little different

I am by nature a mechanic and not a salesman – i can instantly identify a good car from bad by driving it

and i think this reflects in my reputation – i do not sell bad cars because i can pick a good one to start with

I deal direct with importers from Japan and have a dedicated representative in Japan picking cars for me, his advice and expertise are second to none and he ensures i get good cars

I am not perfect and dont pretend to be, sometimes things dont work out and sometimes things go wrong but when they do , i try my utmost to put them right ,

I try to sell cars at a keen price that are good quality and good value for money , that way the ball keeps rolling , you get what you want , i get what i want and everyones happy .

I am a one man band who has low overheads and no salesmen so dont have wages to pay apart from my own ( apart from a few pals who help out now and again )

Which enables me to offer cars at a lower price than others – this does not mean they are lesser quality cars

” Quality ” by definition means value for money – i offer ” Quality ” cars